Thursday, October 30, 2008

Health Tips of the week from Chiropractical Solutions & Massage in Chicago


October Newsletter

What are the Gender tips of the week?
1. Men: Stop sitting on your wallet. It is not good for the alignment of the Low Back and pelvis. Put your wallet
in your front pocket when you sit.

2. Women: Stop carrying your purse on the same shoulder all the time because if you always carry it on one side this will affect
the alignment of your neck, shoulder, and mid back. I do not want to get started on how bad high heels are for the back.

CONGRATULATIONS TO the past 4 patients of the month:

October: Tonya
September: Debbie
August: Sean
July: Tim

Thank you for claiming your gift ....Tonya you will be getting your gift soon!

Each patient of the month was rewarded because of the following:
-kept their appointments as advised under their treatment plan in order to get better
-referred others to get better with Chiropractic and Massage
- followed through with home exercises and/or nutritional instructions to stay healthy

I will keep these newsletters short and sweet so you can get the point at a glance! Thank you for reading.
If you have follow up questions then please feel free to e-mail me at Feel free to forward this to family or friends.

yours in health,

Dr. Weisz, D.C.
Chiropractical Solutions & Massage

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