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Did you know that chiropractic is one of the most effective solutions for Headaches?

We have helped many people throughout the years with headaches. It is a common myth that headache pain comes merely from stress.

Headaches can actually be caused from nerve irritation in the neck from misaligned or stiff joints, just like back pain can be caused by nerve irritation
in the lower spine. Therefore if the nerve irritation or blockages are not removed then the person can continue to have problems.

What Causes headaches?

There are several potential causes. If the neck is stressed from sleeping wrong, sitting in bad posture, or from a previous injury such as a
car accident then this can cause pressure on the neck and irritate the nerves in the area. Misalignments and stiffness occurs.

According to

Headache is defined as pain in the head or upper neck.
It is one of the most common locations of pain in the body and has many causes.

Tension headaches are the most common type of primary headache;
as many as 90% of adults have had or will have tension headaches.
Migraine headaches are the second most common type of primary headache.
An estimated 28 million people in the United States (about 12% of the population)
will experience migraine headaches.

When there are problems with the neck and spine this can block the bodies ability to cope with the
situation adequately – that is when you get a headache or neck pain.
A headache is your body trying to tell you that there is a blockage somewhere in the neck or spine.

What is the Solution?

Remove the blockage in the spine and help realign the joints with Chiropractic
and other natural modalities.

This makes perfect sense as your body is trying to tell you what’s wrong and showing the pathway to fixing it! The next
time you or someone you know experiences a headache, remember that it is your bodies way of letting you know – it’s time to remove the

yours in health,

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