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Nine Year Old Boy Can Walk Again Thanks to Chiropractic

Nine Year Old Boy Can Walk Again Thanks to Chiropractic

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A feel good story by Barbara Morse Silva appeared on, June 1, 2009, on the NBC TV news station "" serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts. This story followed the case of a young boy who was able to walk again after chiropractic care. In this news story a young boy named Charlie had a rare disease that created tumors in his brain, heart and kidneys. He was also born with fetal alcohol syndrome and has a history of seizures.

Five years ago he was adopted by the Rivera family. His adopted mother Michele described young Charlie by noting that he was confined to a wheelchair, was lethargic and on all kinds of medicines. His adopted father Abraham added that Charlie, "basically sat in a wheelchair slumped over. There was nothing for the child."

The Riveras took Charlie to a chiropractor Dr. Ross Rutkowski of Somerset, MA. Dr. Rutkowski explained that he performed a specific type of chiropractic that involved posture to help the upper part of Charlie's neck causing a change instantly after the first adjustment. His mother recalled, "He'd never slept a full night since we had gotten him the first five years." Mrs. Rivera then recalled what happened after Charlie's first adjustment, "When he came here (the chiropractor's office) that night was the first night he slept, and it was 24 hours with no seizure." His father noted that now him and Charlie can make eye contact.

The story then notes that Charlie is walking a lot, and his seizures have also been "few and far between". The story notes that the Riveras call this nothing short of a miracle and their son now has a good quality of life.

The story did point that at first the Riveras would not even consider going to a chiropractor. Mr. Rivera admitted that he, "Would never even go a chiropractor." But now he says, "Amazing, all my aches are gone to! Yup I'm a patient now too."

Dr. Rutkowski pointed out, "To be clear, chiropractic is not a treatment for seizures. It's a way of taking pressure away from that nervous system so that the body always does the healing. We just remove the interference and the body heals."

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